About Stacy Bacher

Growing up a Vegan, in the 90s, it was very tough to find snack options that I was able to eat and would satisfy my cravings. I would spend a lot of time in the kitchen creating my own line of snacks and use my family and friends as taste testers. Knowing my passion for creating healthy alternatives to classic meals and desserts, in 2001 I decided to attend the New York Health Food Institute to become a Natural Foods Chef.

After graduating and working in many bakeries and restaurants in New York, I moved back to my hometown of Toronto to continue to study how ingredients can affect your health. I became a Holistic Nutritionist to help round out my skillset.  I'm passionate about providing delicious snack options for people who suffer with food allergies or  other dietary restrictions.

I continue to taste test products with my own children and family, but I'm thrilled to offer you the same goodies that they enjoy and I hope you enjoy them too!

Why Allergy Smart?

Allergy Smart products are Deliciously made with Everyone in mind!

Our baked goods are made in a dedicated facility Free-From all top 10 food allergens. We create snacks that are safe, healthy and taste great.  We use only unrefined sugars and natural ingredients that offer additional nutritional value. 

Allergy Smart baked goods are a great snack option that can be enjoyed anytime and ANYWHERE.

What’s Smart about Us?

At Allergy Smart we have created a line of products that are safe for all environments and are kid approved. Our focus is to ensure that all our snacks provide you with a consistent snacking experience. We obsess over the look, texture and taste of our products. Each ingredient used is carefully selected and is of the highest quality. We've added protein, fibre and whole grains in all our products to provide you with added nutrients while you snack.

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